Special orders and rates  All Special orders and rates MUST be conducted through me at  info@nbsportsphoto.com and Not
through Zenfolio ( the online gallery hosting company) as I have no control after you order through Zenfolio.  The special orders and rates
are listed below.  If you're interested in any other special order that is not listed below, please contact me as I will always try to work with
you to help you receive images of those special moments.
Focusing on your chosen player  By hiring me to come to one of your games is a an excellent way for you to get a variety of images
of your child or chosen player.  During the game I will spend a large amount of the time making images of your child.  I can't  guarantee how
many images you will get due to a few factors such as the type of sport, what percentage of the game your chosen player actually plays and
the position he or she plays.  I will do my best to capture sufficient photos of your player that you'll be happy that you chose North Bay
Sports Photography to capture those precious moments.  As an example, a quarterback in a football game will get a lot more "action"
images than an outfielder in a baseball game.  You can view my online galleries and see what kind of images I typically capture during a
specific game.  I can't guarantee how many images I will capture, however can safely say that it should be between 25-40 per player and in
a lot of cases where the player is in a lot of "action" it could be as many as 100.  I will guarantee that if you're not satisfied with what I've
captured, then you pay nothing and I keep the images.  I will usually deliver the digital images by e-mail however I will deliver them on a "CD"
however sales tax will apply. Once you get your digital images you can use the digital images on your computer and/or take the images to
your favorite photo processing business such as CVS, Costco, etc. to have prints made.  I am willing to assist you with getting prints made if
you would like help.

I will come to your game and focus my photography on one to four players per game.  Ask another team parent to participate with you and
reduce your cost.  If you really like photographs, I think you'll find that hiring me to come to the game will provide you with many more images
than what you would get by buying individual photos in my online galleries.  The below listed prices are approximates as each sport and
player will vary.  Depending on the sport and how much of the game your chosen player plays will impact the cost because usually the time
spent editing images after the game is usually much more time than shooting the images during the game,  Please e-mail me (
Clay@nbsportsphoto.com ) or call me (707-953-4580)  for a price quote for me to come to your game and photograph your chosen

These are approximate prices as different sports and players playing time affect the price.

Single Player:   $80.00
Two Players:    $140.00
Three Players: $180.00
Four Players:   $220.00

This offer applies to locations in the Petaluma area.  I will travel up to a few hours, however the price will be slightly higher to compensate for
gas and time.  Please feel free to contact me for a price.
Photos of your entire team during any single game   I will come to one of your games and photograph the players on your
team.  I will then provide your team with up to fifteen (15)  "CD's" of  the digital images of your team.  I will provide additional "CD;s for
$3.00 each.  Parents and players can then use the digital images to make their own prints and enlargements and also use the digital file
on their computers.  
When photographing an entire team or two, I can not guarantee a certain amount of images per player, as some
players play more than others and some are involved in the plays more than others.
 I always do my best to capture some of every player,
in every game, even if I was not hired to specifically photograph a certain team.  If you view my galleries online, you will get an idea of what
I usually capture during a specific type of game.  We all love those special plays at the bags, the touchdowns, the soccer header shots, etc
but there are only a few of those per game, so I usually try to capture all of the players during other plays in the game.

If you would like me to come and photograph your entire team during a game, please contact me at
info@nbsportsphoto.com to schedule
at date.

Photographs of your team:    $250.00

Photographs of both teams:  $400.00

****  Sales Tax will also apply ****
Custom Collages of your player:    I will create a custom "Collage" of photos that have been taken of your chosen player.  The
collage will be of 10-12 photos of the player and sized to be printed in an 8 x 10 or 16 x 20 print unless otherwise requested.  If you have
already purchased the prints from me, the cost for the collage would be $30.00.  If you haven't  purchased the images and want to select
images from my galleries, the cost for the collage would be $60.00.  For other sizes or additional images added to the collage, please
contact me for prices.    The supplied collage would be the digital file and you make your own prints.  I will provide an example of the
collages upon request.
Image Sizing   The majority of my sales are for print sizes of 4 x 6 and 5 x 7.  Because the majority are that size, when I edit images, I
crop the images into a 4 x 6 proportion, meaning they will enlarge to an 8 x 12 and are often not printable as an 8 x 10 without losing some
of the image you are viewing.  For those who are hiring me to come to a specific game and capture images of their team, If you would rather
have images edited and cropped to a 4 x 5 proportion so 8 x 10's can be made, please let me know prior to a game being photographed.
NOTE:  The above listed rates and prices are subject to change at any time without prior notice unless an agreement has already been
made between an individual and North Bay Sports Photography
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